Lexmark’s Perceptive Software announces the launch of Perceptive Interact for Google Apps which allows users to seamlessly integrate content from Gmail into their business processes through Perceptive Content.

Perceptive Content users who utilize Google’s Gmail can easily send email messages and attachments from Gmail into Perceptive Content, making those files immediately accessible through a Perceptive client to users across the enterprise, where they can be submitted to business processes and assigned retention policies.

With Perceptive Interact for Google Apps, when an administrative assistant receives an email from a vendor with an invoice for an order of pens and notebooks, the admin can specify how to save the invoice, enter an associated department number, and send it to Perceptive Content directly within the Gmail interface.  Perceptive Content then stores the invoice and automatically routes it to the department manager, followed by the purchasing department for approval.  At any time, the admin can log in to Perceptive Content to verify the approval status or access the invoice.

Organizations rely on Gmail to create and collaborate on information at every level of the business, from highly secure financial information to employee recruiting. By incorporating this content into Perceptive Content, organizations gain control of information scattered throughout the organization; gain efficiencies, visibility and control over business processes; and can properly retain and manage important information.