Protecode Inc., a leading provider of open source software adoption and obligation management solutions, today announced major enhancements to its Protecode System 4TM product suite. Upgrades include a 40% increase in performance speed, support for additional languages, user interface upgrades, expanded reporting capabilities, and enhanced support for SPDX 1.1.

The fastest engine for scanning, detecting and managing open source licenses on the market is now even faster. System 4 has introduced a new high-performance local Pedigree Database (PDB) engine, increasing the velocity of scanning and managing a local software attributes’ inventory by 40%, and positioning the product suite for a range of exciting new capabilities in the future.

Protecode has also expanded its language support. As a result of the proliferation of smart mobile devices, Protecode has focused on perfecting its language capabilities and Global IP Signatures (GIPS) inventory to cater to the mobile application market. Support for new file formats is backed by Protecode’s GIPS database, a unique collection of more than 340 million reference public domain software files and their attributes.

Additional features include upgrades and expansion of its industry-unique License Obligations Report (LOR) capability, allowing the resolution of license ambiguities and recovery of correct open source usage scenarios within multiple projects in an organization automatically. 

A new User Interface (UI) skin and arrangement makes the already user-friendly solution even more attractive, and single-click web search capability enables compliance teams to access additional information about Open Source Software (OSS) packages in a portfolio quickly and easily. Browser support has also been expanded to include Google Chrome.

“Protecode has established a leadership position as the world’s supplier of accurate, complete, and easy-to-adopt software obligations management solutions. The recent enhancements to Protecode System 4 will enable companies to reduce the challenge of third-party software management in their organizations, and easily integrate the rapid detection of open source components into their daily software development practices,” said Normand Glaude, Chief Operating Officer of Protecode.

Protecode will demonstrate some of these latest enhancements during its upcoming webinar titled, “Real-Time Open Source License Management” on May 15th at 9am and 2pm EDT. If interested in attending the webinar, visit: to register, or contact Protecode directly.