The ability to more extensively analyze code checked into an organization’s source-control management repository is what Protecode is providing with its new Library IP Auditor (LA), an extension of the company’s flagship suite of IP assessment tools.

LA, which expands the capabilities of Protecode’s bulk analysis engine Enterprise IP Analyzer (EA), checks the code of projects entered into any SCM that has the LA plug-in to identify the code’s proper licensing and obligations.

“When a library door opens and files are being checked in,” said Protecode CEO Mahshad Koohgoli, “LA analyzes the code and checks against the [organization’s] policies set up.” And with the upsurge of third-party code used in software projects, this ensures the integrity of intellectual property, he said.

During analysis, LA queries Protecode’s Global Intellectual Property Signatures database to determine code pedigree. If a violation is detected, an e-mail is sent to the administrator or designated user with the appropriate details for action to be taken, according to Protecode.

Additionally, if violations are detected, developers can leave notes saying that the code is only being used for testing or other purposes, indicating that no IP was in fact infringed upon, Koohgoli said. LA is licensed to organizations starting at  US$5,000 per year, depending on the volume of analysis required.

The launch also includes new features in EA, such as faster report navigation, customizable user roles and policy management, a re-branded client interface, and upgrade simplification.