Tresorit, the cloud encryption company, and Realm, the mobile platform powering the world’s most responsive applications, announced a partnership to deliver end-to-end encryption capabilities to developers using the Realm Mobile Platform. The combination of the two companies’ solutions provides developers with a comprehensive solution for building realtime, collaborative and secure mobile applications across the most regulated and data-sensitive industries including healthcare and financial services. 

Bringing end-to-end encryption to realtime collaborative apps
Delivering end-to-end encryption across mobile devices and backend systems of record has traditionally required significant amounts of engineering and cryptography expertise to implement, making it possible for only the largest companies with considerable resources. The combination of Tresorit’s ZeroKit SDK and the Realm Mobile Platform make it realistic for any developer to securely authenticate users and provide an end-to-end encrypted platform for realtime reactive mobile apps.

The combined Tresorit and Realm solution goes beyond protecting end-users from being hacked or spied on. Tresorit’s end-to-end encryption for Realm Mobile Platform can also help companies easily comply with HIPAA or the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“Realtime collaboration is increasingly a requirement for critical applications in digital health or financial services, where data security and privacy are essential. Our joint solution makes it extremely easy for developers to build modern and secure applications in these markets,” said Alexander Stigsen, co-founder and CEO, Realm.

“The Realm Mobile Platform and ZeroKit solve many of the hardest problems of developing mobile applications with an intuitive and secure end-user experience. For the first time, developers can build end-to-end encrypted, realtime collaborative apps without being experts in cryptography, networking or backend development,” said David Szabo, Senior Vice President of the ZeroKit platform at Tresorit.

Solving security challenges in data-sensitive industries
Early customers adopting the Tresorit and Realm solution are building collaborative digital healthcare apps that require the highest level of security for sensitive patient data and realtime sync capabilities.

 AmbulApps, a German healthcare startup is building a next-gen cloud and mobile doctor-patient engagement app using Realm Mobile Platform and ZeroKit. The app extends traditional health record management systems, empowering doctors and patients to share health data and maintain consistent communications.

Healthcare startup, Riverbay Softworks uses Realm Mobile Platform and ZeroKit in their cloud-based, privacy-first app Allergistic, to help allergists across California, Oregon and Washington treat patients via iPhones and iPads.

“ZeroKit and Realm allow us to bring forth a new generation of healthcare applications that will reduce the documentation stress experienced by providers and organizations. These technologies allow us to easily implement end-to-end encryption and data syncing, while enabling us to focus more on creating apps that mirror true clinical workflow”, adds Mark Pruitt, CEO at Riverbay Softworks.