Alongside its upcoming suite of tools for Database Lifecycle Management, Red Gate is launching two new products to help with database deployment: SQL Lighthouse and SQL Release.

SQL Lighthouse, currently in beta, checks for database drift – undocumented changes in database state, caused by hotfixes and other ad hoc changes, which can cause problems at deployment.

SQL Release is a PowerShell tool that plugs into release management tools and allows them to deploy databases.

Red Gate Software invests $2,000,000 in Octopus Deploy
Red Gate Software, the database and .NET tooling company, today announced a $2,000,000 investment in Octopus Deploy, a specialist in release management tools.

The investment follows Red Gate’s announcement that it is retiring Deployment Manager, its own release management tool, to partner with other vendors in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) space.

Simon Galbraith, Red Gate CEO, said, “Octopus Deploy is the best release management tool out there. That’s why we’ve invested in it. We’re recommending it to our customers as a replacement for Deployment Manager and many of them have already switched.

“This investment ensures that Octopus has sufficient resources to support our customers as they switch and to continue developing the tool.”

As well as investment, Red Gate is giving Octopus Deploy access to expertise in areas such as marketing and sales. Galbraith said, “Our intention is to free the Octopus Deploy team to build the best tool they can.”

The investment is the first in a series of partnerships that Red Gate plans to make in coming months, as part of its new focus on Database Lifecycle Management – the database component of ALM.

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