Redgate Software, the end-to-end Database DevOps solution provider, today announced the successful acquisition of DB-Engines, a valued, independent source of objective data in the database management systems market.

This strategic acquisition reflects Redgate’s commitment to providing the database community with unparalleled content, events, community websites, and market insights, with an increasing focus on supporting multiple database platforms.

DB-Engines will retain its branding and identity, ensuring that its users continue to receive the trusted and independent monthly database ranking reports and detailed database insights they have come to rely on. DB-Engines will join the wide selection of community assets Redgate provides, including Simple Talk, SQL Server Central, and the PASS Data Community Summit and each will mutually benefit from shared insights and data.

“Redgate’s acquisition of DB-Engines reinforces our mission to support the database community with valuable resources and insights, as we continue to empower and educate development teams, operations teams, and business leaders,” said Jakub Lamik, CEO at Redgate.

“Our mission is to help data professionals get the most value out of any database, anywhere, and acquiring DB-Engines aligns perfectly with these goals, ensuring that our community can stay ahead of the curve in this dynamic, information-dense database business landscape.”

“Over the last 13 years, DB-Engines has grown to become a key reference point for understanding trends and shifts in the database market. We are very pleased to pass the site into the capable hands of Redgate, a company that shares our dedication to the database community,” said Paul Andlinger, co-founder of DB-Engines and owner of IT consultancy Solid IT.

Matthias Gelbmann, co-founder of DB-Engines and owner of IT consultancy Solid IT added; “We are confident that DB-Engines will continue to thrive under Redgate’s stewardship, and that the site will remain committed to providing objective, independent data and insights to our users.”

Deepening industry insights across database platforms

DB-Engines has been an independent source of objective data around database management system industry trends, market analysis, and data-driven insights since it was created in 2011. As Redgate’s State of the Database Landscape report revealed, today’s IT teams are working across a growing number of database platforms, with the majority (79%) using more than one database platform, and 29% of respondents using more than five.  By integrating DB-Engines’ expertise and data into Redgate’s ecosystem, customers and the database community will benefit from reliable, useful information that they can use to make robust decisions and gather recommendations for future database usage.

Redgate is committed to maintaining the quality and integrity of DB-Engines’ offerings, ensuring that it remains an invaluable resource for database professionals worldwide, and plans to develop and build on the site over time, adding further content, reviewing the research methodology, and providing both visitors and advertisers the opportunity to deepen relationships with industry vendors, influencers, and the community.

The acquisition is asset-only and formally completed on May 21, 2024.