Replay Solutions, a pioneer in continuous application monitoring, software debugging and defect resolution, today launched ReplayDIRECTOR for HP Quality Center, the first fully integrated software record/replay solution for HP Quality Center, an industry-leading product for global quality management.

ReplayDIRECTOR for HP Quality Center provides three key benefits for joint customers:

1.     Automated data collection for software defects streamlines communication.
ReplayDIRECTOR automatically collects logs, screenshots and software execution recordings and links them to HP Quality Center defect reports. This provides software teams with all the data required to reproduce and resolve software defects without needing to collect additional information or write detailed problem reports.

2.     Elimination of hard and impossible to reproduce defects increases software quality and reliability.
ReplayDIRECTOR records and replays software execution ensuring that any recorded issue will be reproduced in a live, fully debuggable environment with 100 percent fidelity, thereby eliminating hard-to-reproduce or ‘no-repro’ bugs.

3.     Avoiding setup of environments, databases or load to fix issues saves time and capital resources.
Using application virtualization, ReplayDIRECTOR simulates servers, databases and load allowing issues to be reproduced and resolved on a single workstation. End-users can skip the time-consuming, capital-intensive process of setting up environments, databases and load normally required to reproduce and resolve issues.

A free trial of ReplayDIRECTOR for HP Quality Center is available at

“We responded to the overwhelming demand from customers to integrate with HP Quality Center by working with our premier partner, Go2Group, to create this new integration,” said Jonathan Lindo, founder and VP of Products & Technology with Replay Solutions. “The easy-to-install plug-in delivers tremendous value to application teams by reducing find/fix lead time, especially for globally dispersed teams where 24 hour cycles are the norm.”

The launch of ReplayDIRECTOR for HP Quality Center creates a new way for organizations to bridge the gaps between operations, quality assurance, support and development (often referred to as “DevOps”). The technology fills a critical need for DevOps teams tasked with resolving problems quickly. By providing full visibility into application behavior using Replay Solutions’ patented PerfectView™ technology, software performance, security and business logic issues can be resolved more rapidly while incurring less cost.

“Our users often struggle with the challenge of quickly replicating and resolving defects,” said Brett Taylor, CEO of Go2Group, “By providing guaranteed reproduction and automated data collection when issues occur, ReplayDIRECTOR is solving a key customer challenge.”
About ReplayDIRECTOR
ReplayDIRECTOR is a state of the art software recording solution that functions like a DVR for applications by recording all inputs and events affecting software while it is running, and providing the ability to replay exactly what happened. Defects – even the most difficult to reproduce bugs – can be reproduced immediately without the need to replicate the environment and conditions that the defect occurred in. With ReplayDIRECTOR, you can:

  • Reproduce defects without the original environment
  • Easily communicate application issues between Operations and Development teams
  • Fix defects 50 percent faster