June 07, 2011 — Resco, a leading vendor of advanced developer components and tools for mobile devices releases Resco MobileApp Studio 2011 which now supports Android and iOS.

Resco MobileApp Studio is a well-known tool for mobile developers all around the globe. It is a suite of mobile user interface controls, wizards and designers that helps to rapidly speed up the development process of enterprise applications.

“Development of complex mobile applications need a lot of programming skills”, said Martin Rosko, Senior Developer at Resco. “We designed MobileApp Studio to ease this process and shorten the development time from months to hours.”

Developers don’t need to spend a lot of time on routine coding various visual elements such as lists and details. Now with Resco MobileApp Studio they only insert the lists and details into designer screen embedded in Microsoft Visual Studio environment. Afterwards they can use wizards to adjust the size, colors, style or behavior and simply bind the data to a data source. Further functionality can be then added using C# language. MobileApp Studio is thus easy-to-use developing tool for programmers with only basic knowledge of .NET.

MobileApp Studio now supports the following mobile platforms:
    •    Windows Mobile
    •    Windows Phone 7
    •    Android New
    •    iOS — iPhone, iPad, iPad2 New

Android and iOS support is achieved thanks to MonoTouch and Mono for Android tools. MobileApp Studio contains also conversion tools allowing developers to convert mobile projects over different platforms.

For more information please visit: http://www.resco.net/developer/mobileappstudio/overview.aspx