About five minutes ago, I got off the phone with Alltimetechsupport.us (do NOT go there, it’s a malware site). This nasty little company is cold-calling people from a hidden caller ID and telling people that they’re receiving errors from their Windows computers.

“Sushant Patel” told me—after his underling had told my wife who then diligently handed me the phone—that my Windows computer was sending them more than 80 errors a day, more than 500 errors just last month! I should definitely sign up for tech support and service from these guys, evidently.

So, I held the guy on the line and quizzed him. Turns out, he’s in New Delhi, despite the fact that the website for Alltimetechsupport actually lists an apartment in Pennsylvania.
I looked up the house on Google Maps, and it seems to be in the Long Meadows apartment complex. It was clearly the front for the operation, as they needed an American address to get the LLC.

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What really scared me the most here was some of the info I got from Patel (or, at least, that’s what I guess his name was). The first guy on the phone said his name was “Ray Locke,” short for Raymond. That was an obvious lie.

Anyway, Patel told me that his little room in New Delhi calls 500 people per day, and that of those 500 people, 495 people sign up for the service. I can’t imagine that’s true. That can’t be true. Please, let that not be true!

Patel had been doing this for two years, he said, and his first job was calling like this. He also told me about Alltimetechsupport, or at least told me their name.

Oh, did I not mention the fact that they never said a peep about the actual company they represented until pushed? Yeah, the initial caller identified himself as being “with Windows Tech Support.” At one point, Patel even told me that the support would be coming from Microsoft, but would be provided through Alltimetechsupport.

All of these blatant lies made me call their “Contact us” line. On the other end, another Indian fellow answered, with background noise that sounded almost exactly like the Hindi equivalent of the call center in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Asking for “Sumit Kumar,” I was slowly handed off to someone who was not confident in even confirming his identity as Sumit. In fact, I could hear them talking as they handed off the phone, and the guy handing it to Sumit had to say my name a half dozen times because Sumit was asking “Who? Who the heck is calling me? Why would anyone call for me?”

From here on in, things went as you’d expect. Kumar was cagey, but eventually identified himself. He then said he would not comment on the fact that his people had cold-called me with lies, nor would he comment on the Pennsylvania address.

I’m sure nothing will come of this, but perhaps someone out there is in a position to revoke that LLC. Or, maybe some of you will have fun calling these guys too. Let them feel the high-pressure sales tactics. Heck, someone out there please contact them and try to sell them some pre-paid legal services. They’re going to need them.