Using SharePoint behind a firewall offers a great deal of control over access to data and what can even be posted to the SharePoint environment. But once you open it up to external users, the risk of viruses and data theft/loss increases dramatically. To help protect SharePoint installations, a company called Trend Micro is readying the release of its PortalProtect 2.0 product (expect it in mid- to late June), which can detect and block unwanted Web content from appearing in your SharePoint installation.

“Over 60% of U.S. companies are using SharePoint either to build portals, team sites, share files, discussion forums, wikis and blogs, and they’re sharing that information both internally and externally,” said David Lieberman, director of messaging business for Trend Micro, in a statement.

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When is a SharePoint Saturday not a SharePoint Saturday? When it starts on Friday, of course. In what is being billed as “Two Days of Share and Point,” the folks in the Ozarks area have created what they’re calling ShareFloat, a canoe trip down (or up?) the Buffalo National River before the full day of classes on Saturday. Meanwhile, the folks behind SharePoint Saturday in Washington D.C., held last weekend, added a charitable element to the event and raised about US$1,500. This truly is a community that shares.

— David