Curtail Security has announced the release of ReGrade, a new solution designed to detect version differences in the development lifecycle, and prevent high costs associated with late-state discovery of software flaws and configuration errors.

According to the company, users will now be able to run their current software against proposed updates and compare the network behavior between the two versions. It will offer unique insights into how networks differ when systems process identical inputs.

ReGrade enables teams to improve delivery by generating meaningful developer feedback. It can also measure the performance implications of new upgrades and allow for vetting of application stacks that were built with distinct open source alternatives. The benefits of this include the ability to verify software updates using actual traffic, find flaws before rollouts, prevent expensive rollbacks, and test apps against components of the technology stack, the company explained.

“It costs four to five times more to fix a software bug after release rather than during development,” said Frank Huerta, CEO of Curtail Security. “This makes early prevention key to reducing software development risks, time and costs. ReGrade uses patented comparison-based traffic analysis to help locate the primary source of differences and possible defects that impact quality and application security. It’s an easy-to-use, fast and accurate solution that allows customers to test software against production traffic, which no one else can do.”