Sencha, the company providing a unified platform for designing, developing and testing cross-platform web applications, announced a new partnership with Speedment, a leading provider of database acceleration software, to dramatically improve the performance of data-intensive web applications. Under the partnership, organizations can take advantage of Ext JS, the most comprehensive JavaScript platform for building data-intensive, cross-platform web applications, and Ext Speeder from Speedment, a tool that reduces time to market for Ext JS projects, while significantly improving application responsiveness. Integrating Ext Speeder and Ext JS results in blazingly fast data queries that generate results up to 10 times faster than standard methods.

“We’re seeing an explosion in the amount of complex data sets our customers need to visualize and analyze in their web applications to make real-time operational decisions,” said Sencha CEO Art Landro. “Sencha gives enterprise developers everything they need to build data-intensive web applications faster using the Ext JS framework. Now with the Speedment partnership, we can dramatically improve the speed of accessing and displaying the underlying application data. ”

Working with, exploring and visualizing extremely large data sets and rapidly developing fast cross-platform web applications has never been easier using Sencha and Speedment. Sencha enables developers to leverage the power of modern web technology – HTML5, CSS and JavaScript – to quickly build universal web applications that can run on desktops, tablets and smartphones, while Speedment helps backend developers to rapidly convert their large relational databases into in-memory Java objects that speed up data access by orders of magnitude.

“Going forward, companies must not only visualize and analyze their data on the web, they want it faster, more comprehensive, more flexible and from different data sources,” said Carina Dreifeldt, Speedment CEO. “It is a pleasure to announce the Ext Speeder tool in partnership with Sencha, making it possible to build a superfast backend for an application grid in minutes.”

With Ext Speeder organizations can perform data queries against databases that contain up to 100 million elements, often in as little as ten milliseconds. Breakthrough speeds are achieved through the remote, in-memory object cache, reducing query times by as much as a factor of 10 without impacting load in the application frontend or on backend database servers. Backend developers no longer need to implement and maintain tedious REST API paths because the solution automatically creates comprehensive REST API endpoints from the relational database supporting the Ext JS application.

Sencha Ext JS users can leverage a comprehensive set of pre-tested and integrated components, including the market-leading grid. Ext JS also allows users to visualize and analyze the most complex data sets and deliver the right user experience on any device.

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