Blogs and Twitter feeds are blowing up with excitement over Monday’s beta release of SharePoint 2013. It’s been years in the making, and the new social features (Skype, Yammer) certainly make for a slick demo. Developer and admin changes as well are designed to take people into the cloud, where documents and applications can be accessed from any device located anywhere. The future looks bright.

Yet for many in our community, SharePoint 2013 is just that: their future. Their companies have made sizeable investments in development and administration in their current SharePoint deployments, and they work just fine, thank you very much. So to these folks, the next version is something they won’t even be looking at for some time. A recent survey of attendees to BZ Media’s SPTechCon conference revealed that, of 166 respondents, 70.5% said they do not plan to adopt the next version of SharePoint for more than a year, while 20.5% said they will adopt within a year of general availability, and 9% responded they will adopt as soon as the software is generally available. A small sample, to be sure, but a representative one.

Is that the case for you? We’d like to hear thoughts about the new release, and when you think you might adopt the next version. E-mail me at