To steal a line from the movie “Jaws,” it looks like SharePoint Saturday NYC is gonna need a bigger boat!

One of the organizers, Becky Isserman, said the group had to cut attendance off at a bit more than 300. Even so, Microsoft’s offices on 6th Avenue in New York City were bursting at the seams with attendees and sponsors. Many of the attendees there informally told SPTechReport that they were there as point people from their organizations, which are considering a migration to SharePoint 2010.

Many said that SharePoint 2010 was not yet implemented at their workplace, but more of their companies are considering it. This compares with the informal poll I did at the same Microsoft offices in December for a pre-launch event for SharePoint 2010, where few attendees indicated their companies were even evaluating the new software.

(Just between you and me, dear readers, my attendance was somewhat delayed by what is a typical day in NYC. I was held up at 6th and 38th by a movie shoot in progress; they didn’t want people walking through the shot until they were ready for it. Then, at 6th and Bryant Park, I came upon a high-fashion photo shoot, where I had to check out the models! I didn’t know who any of them were, but that didn’t take away from the experience for me at all! Then, at 43rd and 6th, I came up on “Festival of the Americas” street fair, where I proceeded to eat my way uptown. A gyro, fresh watermelon and an ice cream cone did the trick! Peter Serzo, one of the presenters at SPSNYC, said he was skipping the lunch at Microsoft’s offices to head into the street for some fair fare!)

See you at SPTechCon in October!