London-based SkyDox, which creates file-sharing and document-collaboration software (including software enhancements to SharePoint), is debuting this week in the United States.

The SkyDox solution, according to the company, is an enterprise-ready solution that includes security features and admin rights, and is compatible with ECM and productivity applications such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint, Adobe Acrobat and Lotus Notes, among others. SkyDox users can search for and manage documents in real time from one interface, the company said. Live messaging and tagged-commenting features are included as part of the collaboration solution.

The collaboration platform can be deployed as a public, private or hybrid cloud, with data-hosting options at high-availability centers around the world, SkyDox said in its announcement.

“We are living in a time where more and more companies are working with teams not just spread across departments, but offices—regionally and globally, and this is especially true for the enterprise sector,” Barrie Hadfield, SkyDox cofounder and CTO, said in the announcement.

SkyDox is available as a free 60-day trial.