SOASTA, the leader in performance analytics, has announced an update to its award-winning RUM solution: mPulse 55. mPulse is the only RUM solution that supports Single Page Applications built with AngularJS, Backbone and Ember, the most popular Single Page Application (SPA) web development frameworks for modern web developers.

Single page apps are rising to prominence because they are scalable, fast and easy to learn. The browser is no longer doing a traditional “navigation,” where it tears down the old page, fetches the new HTML, and builds the new page up from scratch. Instead, the framework is responsible for fetching any new content on the fly and dynamically showing it to the user. This is great for the performance of SPAs, but complicates the gathering of performance metrics.

“mPulse is the only RUM solution that supports the latest technologies used by today’s web and mobile sites,” said Tom Lounibos, CEO, SOASTA. “Single Page Applications deliver a high performance native-app-like experience to the end user without an additional wait time. We are the only vendor that supports these open-source web frameworks; because we understand the importance this technology plays to our customers.”

In traditional web applications, user experiences were measured by the moment when the browser had finished downloading all of the statically included resources. With SPAs, this only marks the beginning of the interaction. Once the user interacts with the site, AngularJS then fetches any external resources (if necessary), and dynamically injects these resources into the page.

This renders traditional RUM solutions ineffective. With their capability limited to tracking page loads, they do not have insight into “in-page” or “soft” navigations inherent to single page applications. mPulse is specifically instrumented to capture both server-side and browser-side user performance data, giving developers and operation teams the accurate metrics needed to optimize their application performance.

Other RUM solutions can track Ajax requests issued by the SPA framework, but they miss the fact that the Ajax request, combined with SPA client-side script, forms a brand-new page. mPulse is the only offering that provides accurate waterfalls, session lengths, and page load times even when the page is rendered by an SPA.

Furthermore, SOASTA has enhanced its capabilities around mPulse for native IOS and Android applications. SOASTA’s solution not only includes performance data, it also provides demographic information about the user, including location, operating system, carrier, connection type and even what version of the application they’re using. mPulse 55 provides visibility to see not only the top device types in use, but also manufacturer and model as well, so that companies can prioritize their development and testing resources around creating the optimal experience for their users. For more information, please visit: