SOASTA, the leader in performance analytics, today announced a new era of digital performance management with the introduction of the SOASTA Digital Operations Center (DOC) – the new heartbeat of digital business.  The SOASTA DOC is an industry-first performance command center that provides a central point of visibility and control for managing today’s 24/7 digital business.  Built on an advanced performance analytics engine that integrates and correlates real-time performance data, the DOC uses innovative visualization and display technology to create a unified view of contextual intelligence accessible anytime, anywhere from a display wall, desktop or mobile device.

“Just like with top athletic performers, the issue is not ‘Do you have a heartbeat?’ but how healthy that heartbeat is, which is reflective of the combined health of each individual vital sign,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO.  “Web performance is no different. It’s no longer relegated to IT but is a product of almost every function within a digitally-optimized organization. The SOASTA DOC gives all functions within an organization a new strategic advantage, enabling them to quickly understand, share and act on a fully unified set of information. Only when you can have complete visibility into user experience as well as your own technical, business and customer satisfaction performance, can you become part of today’s web performance winners’ circle.”

The new SOASTA DOC is already receiving strong feedback from customers, including Nordstrom, which is widely recognized as a leader in customer satisfaction. Ashwin Kothari, Senior Manager of Performance Engineering at Nordstrom said: “Our #1 goal every year is to improve the customer experience. We want to be the customer’s retailer of choice and having the capabilities to deliver a great e-commerce experience is an important way we can meet their expectations. To deliver the experience our customers expect, we need a holistic approach to performance management where performance, customer experience and business data can be correlated to provide maximum visibility and control. The SOASTA Digital Operations Center  with its 360-degree view and control over digital business aims to do this, and we look forward to the capabilities that the SOASTA DOC can offer.”

“ underwent a dramatic transformation in 2014 as it re-invented its customer experience and built a brand new back-end architecture hosted on Azure,” said Paul Roy, Principal Development Manager of Performance at Microsoft.  “With a massive global footprint, we needed a web performance solution to ensure met the performance expectations of today’s fast-moving users worldwide.  The SOASTA DOC, with its unique capabilities to correlate information across a range of metrics and other dimensions associated with end users, plus it’s excellent real-time dashboard technology, enables us to spot issues, make smarter decisions and align our efforts to achieve the best possible performance and business outcomes.”

“Collaboration between the different teams in an organization is important in order to solve the complex performance issues major web sites face today,” said Steve Souders, the Chief SpeedCurver of SpeedCurve whose resume includes Chief Performance for Yahoo! and Google’s Head Performance Engineer.  “We need technology that breaks down the silos between marketing, development, and ops so digital businesses can use all of their data together to put the user first.”

The DOC integrates with every measurement and analytics tool used – from an organization’s content delivery network, to its tag manager, to its social delivery feed, to its web and application performance monitoring tools.  It then uses this unified data set to create a common language across the company to fuel informed, data-driven decision-making.   A unique control application operates the DOC and allows quick and easy switching between customized views for different stakeholders, whether it be executive management, operations, engineering, marketing or sales.

“Visibility across systems is an important addition to digital businesses who need to have a current pulse on customer behavior, system performance and competitive threats,” said Melinda Ballou, program director for IDC’s Application Lifecycle Management and Executive Strategies service.  “Correlating data from almost any resource, making it actionable and being able to leverage interrelated information can facilitate fast, well-reasoned and collaborative decision making.”

SOASTA DOC enables enterprises to see, analyze and act on performance changes with richer contextual relationships in order to optimize responses based on three “C” core capabilities of data correlation, human collaboration and having control over how information is packaged, presented and made actionable:

Correlate:  Companies can bring an entirely new level of highly visual data integration to their organizations with a comprehensive, consolidated view of all aspects of digital performance with associated contextual information.

Collaborate:  SOASTA DOC enables the creation of a performance-driven culture where company executives, functional leaders and development professionals share a common understanding of digital goals, real-time and historical performance, current issues and optimization priorities.

Control: Customized views into an organization’s digital performance—such as for executive management, marketing and DevOps—empower each team with the information needed to report and respond in real time.

SOASTA DOC is available immediately with offerings that include SOASTA DOC software, SOASTA CloudTest for integrated load testing, SOASTA mPulse for real user monitoring, and installation and consulting services. For more information about SOASTA DOC, please visit