Software AG today announced the general availability of Software AG Cloud Ready, the latest solution in the company’s cloud strategy. Software AG unveiled its strategy earlier in the year, embracing the vision of ‘extreme collaboration’ to help knock down the traditional barriers to collaboration between business and IT. Software AG Cloud Ready delivers on that strategy with a solution designed to provide modeling, process management, Service-Oriented Architecture and cloud integration offerings, improving processes faster and at a lower cost.

“Today, we introduce a new way of delivering our software that meets customers’ needs for flexible deployment by leveraging cloud computing as a utility,” said Dr. Wolfram Jost, Chief Technology Officer and member of the Executive Board, Software AG.
Software AG Cloud Ready offers deployment flexibility with hybrid support for public cloud, private cloud and on-premise models. With the use of certified platforms such as Amazon EC2 and VMware for both ARIS and webMethods products, webMethods users can run their development, test, and production environments in the cloud, reducing the time to market and allowing for dynamic provisioning. ARIS users benefit from broad collaboration during the design, simulation, publishing and monitoring phases of process transformation projects.

“Software AG Cloud Ready is just the first phase of our strategy. We have more innovative solutions on the horizon to offer enhanced capabilities. This is just the tip of the iceberg,” added Dr. Jost.

Future Plans
On the roadmap for Software AG’s cloud strategy are additional collaboration features to its base cloud environment. A new web-based collaboration platform will bridge the gap between traditional business process automation (BPA) and business process management (BPM) tools along with emerging social technologies. These new capabilities will allow virtual teams to work together regardless of their locations or interaction paradigms. Supporting both on-premise and cloud deployment models, the new collaborative toolset will foster a team-based approach to process development and management by allowing instant access to all relevant project data and models. Team members will be able to easily invite others to work with them as they gather information and investigate new ways to bring innovation into their projects.

Additionally, core Software AG technologies serve as an information backbone for many of the world’s largest and most complex companies. Given this, Software AG is working on a new communications solution that will enable companies to liberate the business-relevant data that flows through their systems and make it available in real-time to users. For the first time, business users will be able to easily tap into their existing system and personal activity streams and collaborate on them. Building on its current event-enabled technologies and leveraging its newly-acquired mobile and big-data technologies, the new platform will allow users to instantly be notified of business events as they happen and understand the context in which they happened.