Software AG today announced the launch of the next version of the market leading webMethods 9.5 platform at its annual Innovation World user’s conference in San Francisco. The focus at this year’s Innovation World is on how to maximize the new business opportunities and competitive advantages provided by the increasing digitization of the business world and the public sector. webMethods 9.5 is another significant step in combing cloud, mobile and social technologies with automated business processes and the agility needed to fully utilize the Digital Enterprise. 
This release delivers three new major capabilities as well as a series of enhancements across the webMethods Suite. The new features in webMethods 9.5 include:
• Elastic ESB: For the first time customers can dynamically scale their implementations into private and public clouds. This allows customers to handle peak demands and quickly bring on new capacity without downtime or manual intervention.
• Social BPM: The webMethods BPMS solution now provides guidance tools to help users be more effective and efficient in managing and completing tasks.  With Social BPM, tasks can be tagged to facilitate the identification of expertise resources so that work can be routed to the best expert available.   This improves the efficiency in the delegation of task assignments.
• Mobile BPM: Users can now remotely monitor in-progress processes using a pre-built mobile business process monitoring application that is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Aggregated views of process instances give instant insight into stalled or failed processes, providing the ability to graphically visualize the failure step to identify and respond to problems in real time.

“Disruptive trends such as cloud, mobile and social continue to drive organization’s expectations for interacting with projects and applications,” said Wolfram Jost, CTO at Software AG. “By extending the mobile, cloud and alignment capabilities of our solutions, we greatly improve how quickly and effectively customers can respond to their market needs.”
In addition webMethods 9.5 provides many enhancements to the webMethods Suite including:
• Updates to the Model-to-Execute functionality and methodology, which automates the alignment of business process analysis with automated system- and task-based business processes.
• Stage & Milestone Support: Business executives and process owners can now get high-level visibility into their process status and separate the signal from the noise.  With this visibility they can quickly understand whether SLAs have been reached or breached across the key milestones that constitute their business process.
• Enhanced Upgradability provides superior user experience and peace of mind when migrating from prior webMethods releases. This reduces the overall effort for businesses looking to migrate to the new version.

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