Software AG, a German enterprise software giant, is buying Terracotta, best known for its memory management technology.

Software AG, established in 1969, focuses on database-related technologies; sells Adabas, a transaction database, and ARIS, a business process analysis platform; and recently purchased webMethods, a SOA integration platform.

Terracotta’s most successful product, according to CEO Amit Pandey, is BigMemory, which he described as a “revolutionary and unique” way to let applications access large amounts of memory without garbage collection.

The privately held Terracotta employs 55 people in San Francisco and New Delhi. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Pandey said during a conference call today that Software AG is committed to keeping Terracotta as an independent entity. “It’s the best-of-both-worlds scenario,” he said. “We will have all the resources of Software AG and even more resources for innovation.”

Software AG CTO Wolfram Jost presented why the deal makes sense from Software AG’s perspective: “[Terracotta’s] technology is really the foundation of our future architecture.” He also stated that the acquisition will help Software AG’s midterm strategy to become a platform-as-a-service provider, as “it’s all about speed.” The plan is for Terracotta’s in-memory processing technology to help Software AG’s database and transactional products provide much faster access to data.

The company expects to introduce the first combined Software AG-Terracotta products in the fourth quarter.