BellSoft, creator of progressive Java runtime for a complete Java experience, Liberica JDK, and an OpenJDK contributor, today announced the release of BellSoft Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform and Alpaquita Linux. 

The company stated that these offerings are intended to address the growing demand for more efficient, secure, and supported Java software that performs well as well as reduces cloud computing costs.

According to the company, the Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform is a compilation of a new Alpaquita Linux with other BellSoft tools that works to empower container-based software development.

“Our mission at BellSoft is to deliver the most complete Java experience to developers and IT managers. We are passionately committed to the modernization of Java for a cloud-native world, and we believe the best way to achieve this is through open source collaboration, and it’s why we are one of the top contributors to OpenJDK,” said Alex Belokrylov, CEO and co-founder of BellSoft. “With today’s introduction of the Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform and Alpaquita Linux  we are extending our leadership in the Java community to address pain points around efficiency and cost, so developers can focus on creating innovative, scalable, cloud-native applications.”

Additionally, Alpaquita Linux is a Linux distribution tuned specifically for a Java runtime. Based on Alpine Linux, it offers users performance and security enhancements as well as a smaller size and improved flexibility. 

Currently the Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform is available in multiple different packages for developers and development teams. 

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