The graph technology company Neo4j recently announced Neo4j 5, the next-generation cloud-ready graph database. 

This release is designed to expand the performance of native graphs over traditional databases while also offering simpler scale-out and scale-up across deployments.

According to the company, Neo4j 5 will allow organizations to accelerate the creation and deployment of intelligent applications at a larger scale as well as achieve more value from their data.

“Graph technology adoption is accelerating as organizations seek better ways to leverage connections in data to solve complex problems at scale,” said Emil Eifrem, CEO and co-founder of Neo4j. “We designed Neo4j 5 to deliver the type of scalability, agility, and performance that enable organizations to push the envelope on what’s possible for their data and their business.”

With this, users gain access to multiple benefits such as query language improvements with a new syntax aimed at simplifying the way they write complex, pattern-matching queries and automated scale-out across several machines to allow for the growth of self-managed customers. 

Additionally, this release offers continuous updates across all deployments, regardless of whether they are in the cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premise. This works to ensure ongoing compatibility between self-managed and Aura workloads. 

To download and get started with Neo4j 5, click here.