The observability provider New Relic has announced the launch of a new change tracking solution to provide full visibility of change events throughout an application’s life cycle.

According to New Relic, change events are the cause of most degradations in software performance.

“With New Relic change tracking, every engineer, regardless of the specialty, can now understand the impact of a change anywhere in the tech stack to take the fiction out of detection and resolution,” said Manav Khurana, chief growth officer and GM at New Relic. 

With this new solution, developers can track changes like deployments, configuration changes, and business events. By correlating changes with performance date, developers will be able to troubleshoot faster and improve efficiency. 

The new feature also integrates with the rest of the CI/CD toolchain and allows you to mark charts with change details. 

There is also an interactive dashboard with analysis of changes, to better allow developers to see a change’s effect over time. 

During triage, developers will be able to select a change notification and see why the change happened, which makes it easier to roll back if needed.