Progress, provider of application development and infrastructure software, has announced the R1 2023 release of Progress Telerik and Progress Kendo UI, the company’s .NET and JavaScript libraries for app development. 

The company stated that these new releases are geared at supporting developers in building better digital experiences across all platforms.

Several new features have been added to Telerik, including Progress Telerik UI for Blazor which adds new UI components as well as updates such as Data Grid compact mode and adaptive rendering in date and select-type components.

Next, Progress Telerik UI for .NET MAUI now offers new components such as Toolbar, ImageEditor, ProgressBar, Accordion, and SignaturePad, and Progress Telerik UI for WinForms adds a new Windows 11 theme in sync with Windows 11 OS.

With this, Progress also delivers support for .NET 7 across all relevant Telerik UI libraries and tools. 

Lastly, the company has added multiple new accessibility improvements such as enhancements to attributes and keyboard navigation to meet compliance standards like WAI-ARIA, Section 508, and WCAG 2.1.

Progress has also introduced several new components, features, and Data Grid enhancements across Progress Kendo UI for Angular, Progress KendoReact, Progress Kendo UI for Vue, and Progress Kendo UI for jQuery.

Support for Angular 15 is also now available in order to improve the developer experience as well as enhance app performance. New accessibility enhancements, updated keyboard navigation features, and a new color swatch are also included in this release.

Additionally, a new PDFViewer is now available in Progress KendoReact in order to allow developers to review PDF files straight from the browser without having to download them. The PDFViewer also offers users Print and Save functionality, a built-in accessible and localized toolbar, and configuration settings.

“Building apps for today’s diverse and demanding users isn’t easy—it requires an understanding of users’ context, preferences, and needs, and the right tools to make it happen,” said Loren Jarrett, general manager, digital experience business at Progress. “With our latest release, we are giving developers even more technical power to build people-centric user experiences that will meet today and tomorrow’s needs.”

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