Cambridge Intelligence announces KronoGraph to provide timeline visualizations.

KronoGraph is a developer toolkit for JavaScript and React developers that enables users to build browser-based, interactive, investigative timeline visualizations that reveal how events unfold.

It is entirely customizable and works with any source of time-based data in datasets. While KronoGraph is a standalone tool, it integrates with Cambridge Intelligence’s graph visualization toolkits to give users two views of the same data.

“KronoGraph gives organizations a brand new way of understanding how events unfold over time. It’s been clear from the very first prototype that a timeline visualization tool was something analysts and investigators need and have been waiting for,” said Joe Parry, the founder and CEO of Cambridge Intelligence.

Diffblue launches automated Java unit testing solution
Diffblue announced the general availability of Diffblue Cover and Diffblue Cover: Community Edition, a free version created for developers using IntelliJ.

Diffblue Cover automates the burdensome task of writing Java unit tests, a task that takes up as much as 20 percent of Java developers’ time, at speeds 10 to 100 times faster than humans, according to the company.

“We help organizations reduce time to ship, ship more often and ship code with fewer defects while freeing up developers to focus more time on the most engaging part of their jobs,” said Mathew Lodge, the CEO of Diffblue. “Companies on the journey to digital transformation, especially during this COVID pandemic, can’t keep up with the rapid software changes required to reorient their businesses. Automating unit testing on new and legacy code can accelerate their journey to success.”

SaaS Ventures announces second $20 million fund
Launch of Fund II is driven by increasing demand for investment in enterprise tech startups that are creating solutions for the new economy.

“We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our second fund and continue our mission of supporting talented founders who are innovating the way products are created, moved, secured, and sold,” said Brian Gaister, co-founder of SaaS Ventures. “This is a big moment of validation for our model, and we look forward to expanding the work that we are accomplishing alongside our partner funds.”

Additional details are available here.