Styra, the cloud-native authorization company and the creators and maintainers of Open Policy Agency (OPA), today announced a new set of policy bundle management capabilities to Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS).

According to the company, these bundle management features are critical for meeting software supply chain security requirements and benefit customers working to optimize growing IT resource consumption and costs.

Styra DAS can now generate separate policy and data and bundles so each software pipeline environment has its own policy-impacting data while ensuring that the policy code isn’t altered  as it shifts from one pipeline stage to the next.

“Building policy bundles from scratch is often a time consuming and costly venture for any organization, but they’re more critical than ever before in ensuring security and compliance,” says Chris Hendrix, director of product management at Styra. “With Styra DAS policy bundle management, we’re helping organizations optimize their time and spend, ensuring that application developers and platform engineers can focus on what they do best – building innovative applications that drive business results.”

Additionally, Styra DAS is able to access and utilize bundles from external registries. This allows users to work with policy bundles housing sensitive data without requiring those bundles to be stored in the Styra Bundle Registry.

Key features of Styra DAS policy bundle management include:

  • Styra Bundle Promotion to promote policy bundles from one software pipeline environment to the next 
  • Styra Delta Bundles to improve IT resource consumption and infrastructure costs by preserving network bandwidth and compute resources when updating OPAs.
  • Styra Bundle Registry to integrate an API and storage layer that tells OPA which bundle to download and where to download it from 

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