Atlassian introduced new updates to Confluence and Trello designed to better support working from home. According to the company, the new updates make important information easier and quicker to access, and improves visibility into the work being done. 

“Teams around the world were forced into working remotely, but now many organizations are considering a permanent move to a more distributed work environment. With so many work streams across departments and individuals, it becomes impossible to rely on the old system of email chains as a vehicle for planning and managing work. Leaders need to look at whether they have the right work management system to support collaboration across the organization for the long term,” said Pratima Arora, the head of Confluence at Atlassian.

The new features for Confluence include:

  • Page insights – which shows readers what pages are a top priority, allowing them to manage their time accordingly. 
  • Bulk content management – content managers can clear out old pages quickly with new actions that can be executed on multiple pages at once, including moving, labeling, deleting, and exporting.
  • Smart Links – enable users to view important information from external sources without ever leaving their Confluence page. When inserting content, users can choose from a hyperlink or card presentation view.
  • Simultaneous feedback – will allow users to maintain workflow through continuous commenting. Soon, users will be able to incorporate feedback while they’re building a page by viewing, creating, liking, and resolving inline comments in edit mode.

Meanwhile, Trello got a team table view for users to see and manage info across boards in one place. The feature is available now as a beta that Trello users can request access to here.

Earlier this year, Trello launched advanced checklists to surface relevant information to users quickly, so they could manage work at a granular level. 

“Physical collaboration mainstays – think sticky notes and face-to-face meetings – have gone completely online, and to keep pace with the market’s ever-increasing speed, teams are moving away from email and spreadsheets to embrace more visual planning and collaboration as part of their digital transformation,” Arora stated in a post. “They need the right collaboration tools and processes in their arsenal to bridge the global distribution of their employees.”