ClickUp, the collaboration and productivity platform, today announced that it has acquired the search and command bar platform, Slapdash. This comes as the company’s first acquisition and with it, ClickUp users gain the ability to to connect with over 40 different applications such as Slack, Salesforce, and Google Drive. 

This acquisition allows customers to search and action across several different platforms from one central location, simplifying the process of accessing a company’s collective knowledge. 

According to ClickUp, this integration fights against the complexity that has come with the proliferation of specialized applications. The combination of these organizations works to make information more accessible and, therefore, save employees time and result in a more positive work experience. 

“We realized how much time employees wasted as they struggled to access the knowledge they needed to do their jobs,” said Zeb Evans, founder and CEO of ClickUp. “Slapdash will enable ClickUp users to not only search across their apps but also provide them a command center to take action on work quickly. Our core mission at ClickUp is to save people time by making the world more productive, and we know we can accomplish this mission faster if we join forces.”

The addition of Slapdash’s technology into ClickUp’s unified platform brings users increased speed when accessing the information they need, offering more control with custom commands and contextual search results.

“Slapdash was created to bring all your apps together in one place to give you new superpowers. We’re excited to join ClickUp and work together to unify work, making it more fun and productive,” said Ivan Kanevski, CEO and co-founder of Slapdash. “We’re thrilled to join a like-minded organization that will continue to drive forward our shared mission of saving people time.”

More information about this acquisition can be found in the blog post.