The continuous software intelligence company, CodeLogic, today announced its new developer toolkit that scans post-compile binaries, runtime app behavior, and database connections in order to offer a complete picture of infrastructure-wide software connections and dependencies. 

According to Stack Overflow, a lack of productivity is the top cause of unhappiness among developers and with this release, CodeLogic seeks to solve that complexity. 

The new Continuous Software Intelligence platform works to free developers from managing break/fix cycles, training new team members, chasing down vulnerabilities for security audits, evaluating technical debt, and other activities that don’t involve coding. 

“Enterprise-scale software systems are unwieldy in complexity and often defy human understanding. As a result, developers are increasingly frustrated and unproductive. According to Stack Overflow, this is the top contributor to developer unhappiness. The solution is to allow developers to see in advance the impacts that code changes will produce and to ameliorate those changes without breaking code. The CodeLogic CSI platform provides exactly that—total and up-to-date visibility across the entire software and database structure,” said Brian Pierce, CEO of CodeLogic. 

According to CodeLogic, this new platform assists developers in ending break/fix cycles by exposing all software connections and interdependencies by performing post-compile scans of binary code and scanning runtime environments. 

Additionally, users gain access to heightened visibility into software structures that are not present in the source code itself. This includes inserted third-party libraries, stored procedure calls, and database connections. 

The new platform also works to inform development strategy by helping to accurately predict and scope planned projects by fully understanding downstream impacts to reconsider proposed plans and roadmaps before the team begins heavily working on them.