CTO.ai wants to make it easier for developers to deploy and manage cloud native applications with the release of its new Serverless Kubernetes platform. According to the company, the solution enables development teams to consolidate all of their workflows on Kubernetes and deploy cloud-native apps instantly without worrying about operations. 

Users will have the ability to instantly build and release a containerized application on their managed Kubernetes. CTO.ai also announced that it will add the functionality to connect its GitHub App with the organization to configure workflows that go beyond CI/CD builds. 

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Enterprise teams can also set up a service mesh with their existing private cloud to enable them to manage their infrastructure in-house while using infrastructure tooling of their choice. 

CTO.ai explained it designed the platform to help developers with the difficulties of setting up and deploying Kubernetes so that developers can maintain a highly agile delivery workflow. 

“Over the last few years, our team has worked very hard to create developer workflows that enable 10x productivity by simplifying complex concepts while helping developers to have an enjoyable experience delivering great products,” Kyle Campbell, the founder of CTO.ai wrote in a blog post. “With this expanded platform, our goal is to help advance the adoption of Cloud Native for developers around the world, on teams of any size, by focusing on creating an intuitive on-ramp that drives deep insight into the positive business impact that DevOps can have in any organization, but in a directly measurable way.”