Yellowbrick Data and Protegrity are teaming up to provide advanced data security and privacy solutions. 

“Protegrity delivers leading-edge data security and privacy solutions to the world’s largest enterprises across the leading platforms and data stores,” said Allen Holmes, vice president of business development at Yellowbrick Data. “Combined with the power and scale of Yellowbrick’s hybrid cloud data warehouse, enterprises can enjoy faster time to insights without worrying about compromising sensitive data and while also adhering to protection and privacy regulations.”

Yellowbrick offers hybrid cloud data warehouse solutions while Protegrity offers data protection solutions. The collaboration will be a part of Yellowbrick’s mission to build a complete partner ecosystem for the data warehousing industry. 

Netlify announces support for self-hosted GitHub and GitLab repo
According to the company, this new support will unlock Jamstack for enterprise websites and applications. The support will be part of Netlify’s newly announced business plan that comes with advanced security and collaboration features. 

The new enterprise plan includes everything in the business plan plus a custom package of the company’s edge builds and premium support, as well as upfront security and architecture views and ongoing load and penetration testing. 

“Businesses need web applications that load fast, respond instantly, and are easy to update as customer and market dynamics change. Netlify’s platform is uniquely designed to deliver this experience, empowering developer teams to use a modern Jamstack approach alongside legacy web stacks. Our latest updates accelerate development even further and lower the price barrier to use Netlify’s most advanced features at scale,” said Mathias Biilmann, CEO of Netlify. 

Hasura releases the Hasura Cloud
Hasura Cloud is a GraphQL service designed to connect to multi-cloud data sources. The cloud is based on the company’s enterprise-grade Hasura Pro product and provides cloud-specific capabilities including dynamic data caching, auto-scaling, global availability, and consumption-based pricing. 

“Since announcing Hasura Cloud, thousands of people have tried it out and they’re really excited by what they can do with it. Customers really like the autoscaling features and the ability to generate tests based on production data. Quite a few customers are migrating their production workloads to Hasura Cloud and keeping on-site deployments for testing and local development so it’s great to be able to give them this choice and flexibility,” said Tanmai Gopal, co-founder and CEO of Hasura. 

Contentful gives “digital builders” free resources
Free access to the content platform includes new technology features, training and resources that enables digital builds to develop and launch experiences across websites, mobile apps, wearable devices and digital displays. 

“The pandemic has put tremendous pressure on businesses to expand their digital capabilities even more quickly,” said Steve Sloan, CEO of Contentful. “To create the next generation of digital experiences, builders need modern tools and training that makes it easy to learn new technologies. We believe everyone should be able to build without friction, so our new community plan offers free-forever access to the industry’s leading content platform, coupled with a great learning program. This will help more organizations enter the digital-first era with digital-fast capabilities.”