Cloud-based integration, workflow automation and API management platform provider Dell Boomi is  receiving a series of new features in its Fall 2018 release. According to the company, the update focuses on blockchain integration and enhancements to the platform’s security, usability and capabilities.

The new blockchain integration will include support for Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric blockchain platforms, allowing customers to add blockchain smart contracts to their workflow, the company wrote in the announcement. “As the industry evolves, blockchain integration is vital for organizations to stay competitive in the market.”

Security enhancements include two-factor login, stricter controls for concurrent sessions, automatic virus scanning of file uploads, and the Flow multi-region feature which can exclude specific regions from access. “Now, for example, if a user wants their runtime data to be in France and the enterprise apps built with Flow to be accessible only in Singapore, this can be configured in just a matter of minutes,” the company wrote.

Dell Boomi will also be updated with usability features meant to facilitate speed and productivity through new dashboard filters, visualizations and Boomi Flow data export. The company explained that low-code users of Boomi Flow will gain a “360-degree view of their workflows and their runtime status.”

The update also aims to improve Google, Salesforce and Workday integrations, with improved data management and security with Workday Prism Analytics.

Alongside the release, Boomi will be launching new additions to its collection of free and on-demand training and professional certifications including Professional API Design and Management Certification, Professional Linux Operational Administrator Certification, and Boomi Flow Associate Certification.

“Boomi prides itself in developing a platform that makes people’s jobs easier and creates a supportive environment where businesses can succeed,” Steve Wood, chief product officer at Dell Boomi, said in the announcement. “Technology is changing and Boomi is evolving alongside to ensure that our customers have the best possible solutions to meet their business needs. With our new capabilities, we are continuing to reimagine the iPaaS industry and deliver on our vision of The Connected Business.”