GitHub recently announced new features being added to GitHub Discussions in order to help users communicate, collaborate, and connect with their teams about the software they are building.

GitHub Discussions will now be supported at the organization level for open-source projects, enterprises, and development teams. This change comes after discovering that scoping discussions to individual repositories became a road block for organizations with multiple repositories. 

Organization Discussions works to simplify centralizing communications across projects to gain a better understanding of what’s happening within the community, team, and company. 

Based on customer requests, the GitHub team is also bringing Polls to Discussions. Now, when creating a new discussion, users have the ability to select the Poll category to create a Poll. This feature allows customers to add up to eight polling options for teams to respond to. 

These Polls are visible to anybody if it is on a public repository, but only those logged in have the ability to vote.

Also, integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams have been introduced for GitHub Discussions. Once a user configures the application and subscribes to Discussions, they get a notification whenever a Discussion is created or answered. 

Lastly, GitHub Discussions users gain access to an easier Q&A option. Now, there is a preview of the response that the original poster marked as an answer at the top of the thread as well as a link to the full, more detailed answer. 

GitHub Discussions is available on GitHub Free, GitHub Team, and GitHub Enterprise accounts for both public and private repositories. For more information, see here.