In an effort to comply with recommendations to practice social distancing to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, several major upcoming tech conferences have either been cancelled or are moving to online-only.

In response to this, chaos engineering company Gremlin has announced Failover Conf, an online conference about resiliency in a suddenly online world.

The conference will take place on April 21st and will feature talks by speakers who were planning to speak at canceled or postponed events, such as AWS Summits, KubeCon EU, Microsoft Ignite Zurich, SREcon, and SXSW.

Confirmed keynote speakers for Failover Conf include J. Paul Reed, senior applied resilience engineer at Netflix; Matt Stratton, host of the Arrested DevOps podcast; and Tammy Butow, principal SRE at Gremlin.

Gremlin has partnered with a number of companies to help put on the event, including AWS, Blameless, Catchpoint, Cloudbees, Cockroach Labs, Datadog, Flowmill, Gitlab, Honeycomb, Kong, LaunchDarkly, Lightstep, NGINX, NS1, PagerDuty, Redis Labs, Rookout, Scalyr,, Splunk, The New Stack and ServiceNow.

“We knew a lot of the industry was scrambling last week in the wake of all these changes,” said Kimbre Lancaster, head of global events at Gremlin. “Conferences are a critical way that we share knowledge and connect with one another. We wanted to give back to the tech community by providing speakers with a new platform for their talks, as well as offering attendees a safe and valuable experience.”