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Gremlin launches new tool for discovering common hidden risks in software

Detected Risks can help SREs find and fix common hidden risks that could impact reliability. It flags things that could potentially be failure points, and offers recommendations on how to resolve them.  According to Gremlin, the hope with this new solution is that it empowers companies to transition from “reactive problem-solving to proactive risk mitigation.”  … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Gremlin’s Chaos Engineering Practitioner Certificate Program, FusionAuth Advanced MFA, and InstallAware X13 for Ethereum

Gremlin’s new Chaos Engineering Practitioner Certificate Program was designed to help software teams get started with chaos engineering.  “No matter your title and background, Gremlin makes it easy for anybody interested in reliability to become a Chaos Engineering expert,” Tammy Butow, a principal SRE at Gremlin, wrote in a blog post. “This Gremlin Certificate Program … continue reading

Gremlin brings safety improvements to chaos engineering with Status Checks

Gremlin wants to make it safer to experiment in production with the release of Status Checks. The new capability automatically verifies systems are healthy and ready for chaos engineering.  “More and more, companies want to do Chaos Engineering. And not only do it, but automate it. But they are concerned if they have attacks triggering … continue reading

Gremlin to host online Failover Conf about reliability in the wake of event cancellations

In an effort to comply with recommendations to practice social distancing to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, several major upcoming tech conferences have either been cancelled or are moving to online-only. In response to this, chaos engineering company Gremlin has announced Failover Conf, an online conference about resiliency in … continue reading

Industry Watch: Column as a service

As cloud services become more granular, more functionality can be had “as a service.” Two new interesting services caught my eye, and so I present this column as a service to you, dear readers. The first is “failure as a service,” which sounds counterintuitive. Wouldn’t people rather have success as a service? Most would, I’m … continue reading Protection Status