Gremlin’s new Chaos Engineering Practitioner Certificate Program was designed to help software teams get started with chaos engineering. 

“No matter your title and background, Gremlin makes it easy for anybody interested in reliability to become a Chaos Engineering expert,” Tammy Butow, a principal SRE at Gremlin, wrote in a blog post. “This Gremlin Certificate Program exam was designed and created by a team of Chaos Engineering pioneers who, combined, have decades of Chaos Engineering experience–so you can be sure that you’ll be learning the most important Chaos Engineering fundamentals and foundations.”

Gremlin is also offering an upcoming prep session on June 22nd to help prepare for the certificate exam. Also, Gremlin Free helps users get acquainted with chaos engineering by safely experimenting within a limited blast radius. 

FusionAuth Advanced MFA announced

FusionAuth announced its Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which gives developers more flexibility and choice in deploying authentication within their organizations.

Developers can use it to layer in different authentication factors such as TOTP, multiple phone numbers or email addresses, step-up authentication, applications and even new factors as they are introduced to the market, according to the company in a blog post.

“We created an intuitive way to manage user security with our Advanced MFA and baked in flexibility so that developers can make choices about authentication that make sense for their particular business,” said Brian Pontarelli, the CEO of FusionAuth. “Rather than forcing a user into a single factor that they may or may not want to use or manage, we let them choose the factors that work for them.”

InstallAware X13 for Ethereum

The new InstallAware X13 includes an Ethereum payment gateway for apps, which enables the creation of NFT setups that are hosted on the blockchain. 

InstallAware X13 also now automatically optimizes gas consumption, helps customers use ETH wallets to cover the purchases they are making and includes updates to its price oracle.

The entire process is script-driven and InstallAware X13 built setups may be immortalized as non-fungible tokens on the blockchain. 

Additional details are available here.

Snyk and AWS CodePipeline Integration

Snyk announced that it has built an integration inside the AWS CodePipeline console that enables users to build automated security controls into their deployment pipeline without having to leave the AWS console. 

“Automation in deployment pipelines is key to adopting a comprehensive approach to security throughout the application development lifecycle. Snyk’s tight interoperability with AWS CodePipeline now makes it even simpler for developers to focus on building applications securely, taking advantage of developer-friendly outputs without having to manage a new set of tools,” said Carey Stanton, the vice president of business development at Snyk.

AWS users can then leverage Snyk’s integrations with Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) to scan container images and Kubernetes clusters for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.