HackerRank announced at its HackerRank.main() virtual event today a new pillar to be added to its developer hiring solution. Rank, the company’s fourth pillar, was designed to benchmark developer candidates and give hiring managers more confidence when bringing on new talent. 

“The purpose of this pillar is to help you build up the confidence in your hiring process and the offer you are making,” Vivek Ravisankar, CEO and co-founder of Hacker Rank. “For every skill that you evaluated a candidate on, we try to benchmark the candidate across all other developers who have attended a similar skill assessment.” 

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Ravisankar explained this is especially important today when more and more hiring managers are doing remote interviews, and not able to meet the candidate in person. 

HackerRank’s four pillars focus on developer life cycle management, and aim to build products and solutions that span across the entire life cycle journey of a developer. 

The four pillars are:

  • Plan: Where skills are defined for a particular role and a process to assess those roles is also established for each phase of the screening and interview process.
  • Screen: Where candidates can showcase coding skills through assessments and real-world projects before the interview
  • Interview: Real-time, real-world technical interviews from anywhere
  • Rank: Identifying the best candidates based on the right skills, not pedigree.

“Our thesis is developers strive towards, and our mission is to accelerate the world’s innovation. We do that by showcasing skilled developers to companies and helping companies hire, upskill and mobilize developers within the organization,” said Ravisankar.