Arction Ltd announces the release of LightningChart JS – a revolutionary product in the industry of Web Charting Solutions. Initial benchmarks show that this product sets a new level of performance in data visualization for web applications. With the right conditions, the LightningChart JS can present up to 10 MILLION data points verified in real-time and can without any specific measures handle MILLIONS of data points without compromising functionality or neglecting rendering performance. Which in result means – no delays or stuttering even while processing massive amounts of data.

LightningChart JS is an exceptional JavaScript charting library with unmatched performance indicators. It has been developed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding developers. More information regarding the performance results is in the attachment

Comprehensive Charting Experience focusing on Real-time Visualization
LightningChart JS is a real-time data visualization charting library with a focus on delivering exceptional performance results for the most demanding industries. Such performance indicators are achieved through a unique way of utilizing GPU acceleration with WebGL rendering methods which maximizes the efficiency of graphics processors. Intuitive touch screen interactivity, as well as dashboard control for managing multiple charts and all UI elements in a single view, ensures a great user experience for the developers.

LightningChart JS v.1 features following charts: XY, Radar/Spider, Pie/Donut, Funnel, Gauge and Pyramid charts.   

Community License
LightningChart JS has a free community license intended for non-commercial projects and other personal use. Community license offers all the same features as commercial license and interested users can check all the functionality of charts before considering about acquirement of a commercial license.