JetBrains Academy launched its new Kotlin Basics program as a free introduction for people getting into software development to get started on the most popular language for building Android apps. 

In this track, students will get familiarized with the language syntax, concepts, and libraries, as well as with the basics of object-oriented programming. 

Students will also get familiar with helpful tools like Java and Kotlin libraries and learn how to work with the file system. 

During the course, students can ask questions, interact with the community and learn together with others. They can also view solutions posted by other learners, learn from them, or help others by publishing their solution.

“Kotlin Basics presents 10 real-world projects of different proficiency levels, over 120 educational topics, and more than 300 coding challenges! It also allows you to use all the powerful features of JetBrains Academy platform while learning Kotlin,” JetBrains stated in a post. “For instance, a personalized study plan divided into several stages of increasing complexity will help you gradually expand your knowledge in Kotlin without getting overwhelmed.”