The observability company, New Relic, today announced that it has joined the Atlassian Platform Partner Program as part of the Atlassian Open DevOps solution that integrates Jira Software with popular DevOps tools. 

In order to empower developers to access and set up full stack error tracking and software performance monitoring from inside Jira Software, New Relic has integrated errors inbox with Jira Software. 

“As applications grow more complex, developers need a system in place to proactively fix errors before the customer experience is impacted,” said Peter Pezaris, SVP of strategy and user experience at New Relic. “Errors inbox for Jira Software, which builds on the strong history between New Relic and Atlassian, makes developers’ lives easier by allowing them to get to the root cause faster with full error details — including stack traces — and alerts whenever a critical, customer-impacting error arises. Ticketing is made easier, too, as teams can instantly create Jira Software issues with all the right information, without leaving their error management workflow.”

According to the company, this integration allows developers to create Jira Software issues directly within the errors inbox, the New Relic platform functionality for error tracking. 

With this, New Relic has also announced the launch of the Jira Software toolchain page, intended to assist teams of developers in discovering and installing DevOps tools in order to improve DevOps practices across their software development lifecycle.

Key features of this integration include the ability to track, triage, and resolve errors all in one place, the ability to resolve errors before they negatively impact users, heightened cross team collaboration, and the ability to create Jira Software issues with one click. 

“Atlassian and New Relic share a vision to improve the developer experience by meeting users where they are and allowing them to use the tools they know and love,” said Bryant Lee, VP of partnerships and developer experience at Atlassian. “We are excited to include New Relic errors inbox as an app in the Jira Software toolchain page, which makes it easier for millions of users to discover and connect DevOps apps used throughout the software development lifecycle to fill gaps in the toolchain as their DevOps practices evolve.”

For more information, visit the website.