Object Management Group, the consortium geared toward creating a standard architecture for distributed network objects, recently announced Responsible Computing (RC), a new consortium of technology innovators working as one in pursuit of sustainable development goals.  

Responsible computing works as a systemic approach to addressing current and future challenges in computing, such as sustainability, ethics, and professionalism. 

This practice is derived from the belief that people need to be thinking about technology in terms of the overall impact that it has on people as well as the planet.

The new consortium’s RC framework is centered around six domains of responsible computing, including: 

  • Data centers are designed and operated with an emphasis on efficiency and sustainability 
  • More sustainable infrastructure monitoring the energy usage of products and technologies 
  • Choosing code that prioritizes environmental, social, and economic impact over time
  • Safely using data to drive transparency, fairness, privacy, and respect for users 
  • Systems that address bias and discrimination by pursuing equality for all 
  • And choosing technologies and innovations that lead to a positive impact on society at large 

“Now is the time for companies to adopt a holistic approach that places sustainability strategy at the center of their business,” said Sheri Hinish, global lead at IBM Consulting Sustainability Services. “IBM is proud to be a founding member of the RC consortium. Through this collaboration, we hope to help companies establish new and innovative ways to transform their business operations through ethical, impactful ways that can help contribute to a more sustainable future.”

According to the consortium, companies can become more operationally efficient and achieve a return on investment (ROI) while also meeting sustainability goals. The ROI includes areas such as reduced power consumption, waste reduction for packaging, cost-effective heating and cooling solutions, and supply chain efficiency.

RC stretches across multiple different industries including consumer, financial services, travel & transport, insurance, government, energy, environment and utilities, telco and media, and industrial verticals. 

For more information about RC and to learn how to join, click here