Topic: sustainability

W3C releases new guidelines for web sustainability

The Sustainable Web Design Community Group of W3C has released a draft Community Group Report on Sustainable Web Design. The Web Sustainability Guidelines (WSG) 1.0 offer best practices for designing digital products and services with a focus on environmental and user considerations.  These guidelines are based on evidence-based research and target various stakeholders, including end-users, … continue reading

2023 Call for Code has been announced, encouraging sustainable development

The 2023 Call for Code, a global program that invites developers around the world to contribute to open-source technology projects that address social and humanitarian issues, has recently been announced by creator David Clark, founding partner IBM, charitable partner United Nations Human Rights, and program affiliate the Linux Foundation. This year’s Call for Code is … continue reading

Object Management Group announces responsible computing consortium

Object Management Group, the consortium geared toward creating a standard architecture for distributed network objects, recently announced Responsible Computing (RC), a new consortium of technology innovators working as one in pursuit of sustainable development goals.   Responsible computing works as a systemic approach to addressing current and future challenges in computing, such as sustainability, ethics, and … continue reading

Build environmental sustainability into your development teams

Over the past several years, it’s become not just a cool thing for companies to appear to care about the environment, but a must to show customers what they’re actually doing about it. “Green pledges” have become the norm for a number of companies in order to publicly set sustainability goals and prove to customers … continue reading Protection Status