The Object Management Group (OMG) is trying to provide support and direction to its members by launching a new community where they can receive insights and best practices for the latest technologies. 

The Managed Communities Program will include a number of communities around specific interests, the first of which is the OMG Systems Modeling Community (SMC). SMC provides a forum for sharing best practices around Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), with guidance for using OMG standards like SysML v2 and UAF. 

“OMG Managed Communities will help companies simplify processes, eliminate industry barriers, and create purpose with a community of experts,” said Bill Hoffman, chairman and CEO of OMG. “By joining an OMG Community, companies can become involved in industry projects that will advance their expertise and set them apart from their peers.”

In addition to announcing these new communities, the organizations also recently introduced an update to one of its standards. Version 3 beta of the Open Architecture Radar Interface Standard (OARIS) is now available. 

OARIS is a specification for interfacing between a Combat Management System and radar system on naval platforms. 

Version 3 expands the scope of the specification, including interfaces for sharing plots and other measurements between platforms.