The devastating events transpiring in Ukraine have been at top of mind for many in the last few weeks. For several global software development organizations with employees operating in Ukraine, these tragedies hit far too close to home. 

According to a recent tweet, Frank Zamani, CEO of Caspio, was once a refugee himself, fleeing from Iran 36 years ago to escape religious persecution. Today, Zamani finds himself in the position to help Ukrainian refugees who are leaving the country and heading for Poland. 

Caspio is a no-code software company with offices in California, Poland, Ukraine, and the Philippines; currently, the company has 70 employees living and working in Dnipro, Ukraine. Zamani arrived in Poland on Friday, March 4th and has been traveling between Krakow and Przemysl in order to help Ukrainian Caspio employees and their families find adequate housing, food, and supplies after fleeing their home country. 

At this time, approximately 30 Caspio employees have made it safely out of Ukraine and into Poland with Zamani and other members of the Caspio team waiting and ready to provide help in any way possible. 

According to the company, Caspio employees that are based in Poland are the ones driving down to the border to bring their Ukrainian colleagues to safety. Additionally, team members in Poland have opened up their homes to offer shelter and food to those who have come across the border. 

The company is also offering its no-code platform free of charge for anybody that wants to build apps with the goal of helping Ukrainian citizens. The platform can help build applications quickly to support first responders during this time of crisis.  

Helpful applications that can easily be made with the no-code platform include missing persons directories that offer communication between parties, matching housing and other necessary items or services with those who can provide them, lost and found databases that offer the capability to upload photos and videos, and more. 

If interested, click here to request a free trial. 

“Caspio began operating in Ukraine 18 years ago. Dnipro hosted our first-ever Software Development Center outside of the United States,” reads the statement released on Caspio’s website. “Our Ukraine office houses more than 70 Caspians from engineering, development, sales and support teams. But Ukraine is more than just an international office — it’s home to our dear friends, colleagues and family.  To everyone in Ukraine, you inspire us with your courage and resolve amid this adversity. To everyone else, we encourage you to act and express your support for the people of Ukraine in this time of great humanitarian need. We decry the attacks launched by the Russian government and stand in solidarity with Ukraine.”

For more information on Caspio’s efforts to help the people of Ukraine, see here