JavaScript is rising the ranks as the most in-demand developer technology. Pluralsight Technologies released its Technology Index, and found JavaScript to be at the top. Last year when the company released the index in April, JavaScript scored at number four. 

Following JavaScript as the most in-demand technologies are Java, HTML, Python, C++, Android, C, C#, PHP and Git. 

“It’s no surprise JavaScript continues to be a top language, as it powers the web applications we use every day. What’s impressive is the constant improvements to JavaScript that enable developers to continue to innovate and thrive in the web application world,” the company wrote in a blog.

The Pluralsight Technology Index is based off of more than 23 million data points, and addresses the most in-demand technologies for software engineers, IT operations, information security and data professionals. 

The list also included the 10 fastest growing technologies, which included Svelte, UiPath and Microsoft Powerapps at the very top. 

“Software engineering teams face the challenge of maintaining expertise in core legacy languages such as JavaScript or C, while staying open to new technologies that enable them to create new products and services for their customers,” said Travis Kimmel, head of developer productivity at Pluralsight. “As software development languages, tools, and frameworks continuously evolve, engineers must find ways to stay informed on what’s new and keep pace with the speed of change.” 

According to the company, the need for data analysis through machine learning and AI has made data collection and analysis all the more important, that’s why it included the top 10 in-demand data technologies that are driving this transition. In order, this included the R language, Microsoft SQL Server, MATLAB, Google Analytics, Tensorflow, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau SAS, Pandas and Apache Spark.

In addition, the index listed Linux, Ubuntu and Microsoft Windows as the most powerful technologies for IT Ops professionals. For security, Kali Linux, CISSP and CloudFlare made the top of the list. 

“The pace of technology change is faster than ever, and tech leaders are struggling to keep pace. We created the Technology Index to give organizations an effective and easy-to-use tool to better understand the direction and cadence of the latest enterprise tech innovations. Using the Index, tech leaders can leverage independent data points to help inform their next tech investments and develop the skills their teams need, said Nate Walkingshaw, chief experience officer at Pluralsight.

The full interactive Pluralsight Technology Index can be found here.