JavaScript is the most popular language among developers. This is according to the fifth annual Developer Ecosystem Survey conducted by JetBrains with responses from 31,743 developers from 183 different countries. This finding is consistent with last year’s report, which found JavaScript to be the most widely used language.

The purpose of the survey is to show recent trends in the developer community and help to map the landscape of the tech industry.

The survey also showed that while Python is more popular than Java in terms of overall use, Java is more popular as a main language. Thirty-two percent of developers use Java as their main language, and 29% use Python as their main language. 

It was also revealed that the top five languages developers are planning to migrate to are Go, Kotlin, TypeScript, Python, and Rust, while the top five languages developers were actively learning throughout 2021 were JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, Java, and Go. This aligns closely with the finding that the top five fastest growing languages over the last five years are Python, TypeScript, Kotlin, SQL, and Go.

The survey also studied the languages that have had decreased usage over the last five years. These languages are Ruby, Objective-C, and Scala. 

The survey also revealed statistics about gender, namely, women are more likely than men to be involved in data analysis, machine learning, and UX/UI design. However, women are less likely to be involved in infrastructure development and DevOps, system administration, or deployment. The survey also showed that gender diversity in the tech industry is increasing among younger developers.