Accusoft announced its latest SDK, ImageGear PDF, to enable developers to add a variety of PDF functionalities into an application. 

ImageGear PDF gives end-users the ability to merge multiple PDFs, rearrange pages within a PDF, add pages or remove pages in a PDF, and more. 

ImageGear PDF is available with an optical character recognition add-on feature, which programmers can use to search for specific characters within a document, highlight different sections, and markup the output for easier viewing and collaboration.

Rocket Software announced Rocket OpenAppDev for IBM Z
Rocket Open AppDev for Z is a new way for the mainframe community to securely adopt, manage, and obtain support for IBM Z-ported open source. 

“With Rocket Open AppDev for Z, we believe we have provided the most innovative, secure path forward for our customers,” said Peter Fandel, Rocket’s product director of open software for Z. “Businesses can now extend the mainframe’s capabilities through the adoption of open source software, making IBM Z another valuable platform for their DevOps infrastructure.”

The solution provides popular tools in the distributed world curated for IBM z/OS, a secure delivery and deployment system, and a solution to manage version currency through Rocket’s automated porting technology.

Flutter Windows alpha
Flutter Windows Alpha includes native Windows app compilation, early plugins, and a desktop-ready Flutter Gallery app.

“Native desktop support opens up a variety of exciting possibilities for Flutter, including improved developer tooling, reduced friction for new users, and of course apps that can reach any device a user might have from a single codebase,” Flutter wrote in a blog post.

Windows Terminal Preview 1.4 released
The new release includes hyperlink support for embedded hyperlinks, support for rendering the blink graphic rendition attribute ‘SGR 5,’ and more. 

Users can now launch Windows Terminal Preview with a specific profile from the start menu or task bar. Also, support for automatically detecting plain text links is coming soon, according to Microsoft. 

Additional details are available here.