Flash Player 32 and AIR 32 were released as the final scheduled updates of Flash Player. 

Adobe will no longer support Flash Player after December 31st this year and will block Flash content from running on it on January 12th, 2021. 

“We want to take a moment to thank all of our customers and developers who have used and created amazing Flash Player content over the last two decades.  We are proud that Flash had a crucial role in evolving web content across animation, interactivity, audio, and video.  We are excited to help lead the next era of digital experiences,” Adobe wrote in a post.

Visual Studio Code 1.52
The latest release of Visual Studio Code focused on housekeeping GitHub issues and pull requests.

Some of the key highlights include word wrap in diff editor, a new extension bisect features to help troubleshoot which extensions are causing issues in VS Code, and keyboard shortcuts editor improvements.

Microsoft also improved how it handles preview editors based on feedback from users. Custom trees were changed more consistently like other built in trees. Additional details on all of the changes are available here.

Apollo Studio announces GraphQL updates
Apollo Studio has announced new updates to its GraphQL IDE, Apollo Studio Explorer.

The release adds development graphs to enable features such as intelligent search and variable extraction within their locally running GraphQL server. The development graphs are free to use and have no limitations. 

One of the other key features of the release, one-click query building, enables users to gather data without GraphQL syntax errors. Meanwhile, the intelligent search helps with navigating graphs of all sizes. 

“Ultimately, we want to make your experience building and querying your graph more productive and enjoyable so you can focus on shipping features,” Apollo wrote in a post.

GitHub campus advisors announced
The new Campus Advisors program brings together teachers who want to teach about Git and GitHub regardless of technical background. The application was revised to encourage  teachers who already use GitHub and are ready to start teaching to apply right away. 

These advisors then introduce students to the importance of version control and encourage colleagues to teach with Git and GitHub. 

“We’re dedicated to providing our advisors with additional support going forward. We’ll start by creating more touchpoints for advisors to connect with one another,” GitHub wrote in a blog post. “We also are creating levels of involvement, so advisors can choose whether they want to simply teach and ensure that their school has access to GitHub Education benefits or go further and present at events and conferences.”