Amazon introduced a public beta of AWS Chatbot, which the company said will help facilitate interactions between DevOps teams in Slack channels and Amazon chime chat rooms. 

AWS Chatbot uses Amazon SNS to integrate with other AWS services. Capabilities include fast responses, a quick setup, and easily definable permissions using pre-defined permission templates that can tailor to an organization’s needs, according to Amazon. 

AWS Chatbot expands the communication tools that your team already uses every day to coordinate and bond, Amazon wrote in a post.

Visual Studio 2019 16.2 released
Microsoft released Visual Studio 2019 16.2, adding new features for the IDE, better extensibility, new C++ capabilities and bug fixes. 

The patches fixed known issues such as ‘cannot deploy to hololens,’ ‘response issues when starting a new nanoFramework project from a template,’ and ‘iOS apps not building and deploying.’ 

The full list of new features and bug fixes is available here

Rust compiler is getting faster
The Rust compiler is getting an averaged 42 percent boost in speed against the compiler from 2019-07-24. 

According to the team, 258 out of the 261 numbers were in the negative in the table that tested for 29 benchmarks, meaning the speed was reduced. 

“The Rust compiler has long had a reputation for being slow. I still wouldn’t describe it as fast, but it is clearly a lot faster than it used to be,” Rust wrote in a post. 

The full list of compile times can be viewed here.