Google has announced the third developer preview of its upcoming 12.0 release. The latest preview includes a new app launch experience, new video and camera capabilities and new permissions for exact alarms that help users save battery.

Developers can use new splash screen APIs and resources to manage the splash screen window’s background color, replace the static launcher icon with a custom icon or an animation and also set light or dark mode.

Android 12 also improves call notifications to give users more visibility and scannability and to improve their consistency with other notification components.

Additional details on all of the updates to Android 12 in the preview are available here.

ComponentOne 2021 v1
The highlights of this release include new controls for Blazor and .NET 5 (winForms and WPF) as well as feature enhancement for FlexGrid across numerous platforms, support for Xamarin.Forms 5 and more.

With the Blazor Window component, .NET developers can create modal and modeless prompts and dialogs in Blazor applications using the new C1Window component.

“Our newest Blazor Edition continues to expand with essential new input and layout controls that can be used for server or client-side Blazor C# web apps,” said Greg Lutz, the product manager of ComponentOne. “The new pop-up and input controls not only add extra functionality to our fast datagrid, FlexGrid but also can be used to fill in the gaps in your apps.”

WhiteSource acquires open-source malware security and threat detection company
WhiteSource explained the acquisition of Diffend will help it better provide software security capabilities across the supply chain. As part of the acquisition, Diffends commercial offerings will be available for free under WhiteSource Diffend. WhiteSource will also offer a more advanced platform for mitigating supply chain risks.

WhiteSource Diffend will focus on governance and vulnerability management, malware protection and threat detection.

“Organizations must start blocking malicious packages before they are downloaded or installed. WhiteSource Diffend is designed for near-invisible, exception-based alerting on software supply chain security threats that doesn’t interfere with developers’ work,” said Maciej Mensfeld, founder of Diffend and now senior product manager for software supply chain security at WhiteSource. “In the past week alone, the Diffend platform has been responsible for detecting and reporting 60 suspicious packages to Rubygems, all of which have now been removed, benefiting all open source users.”

Senzing One-Day Proof of Concept program announced
The new program will enable organizations to resolve up to 10 million records while detecting duplicates and hidden relationships.

“It used to take weeks or months to evaluate entity resolution accuracy, but now our one-day PoC delivers results in about six hours,” said Jeff Jonas, Senzing CEO. “Organizations will be blown away by how easy, accurate and affordable Senzing entity resolution is to deploy and use, especially when compared to other commercial or homegrown entity resolution systems.”